Running on a solar kit needn’t be expensive, or complicated. In this section we review the simplest, most affordable solar kits to have you fully powered, whether you’re on the grid or off it.

best solar deck lights

The Best Solar Deck Lights

Sometimes there’s just nothing like enjoying the brisk evening air on your front deck. Especially if you have a nice cabin out in the country, you’ll definitely want a good set of lights on your deck, so you can enjoy a nice book in the nighttime air or just take in the scenery. And if …

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Off-Grid Solar Kits

The Best Off-Grid Solar Kits

Solar energy is the future. It’s eco-friendly, low maintenance, cheap, and perhaps best of all, independent. Once you have your own solar power, you’ll never have to deal with an electric company breathing down your neck ever again. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, pay less for electricity, or just get away from …

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