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They’re usually your biggest investment. At DIYRTO we’re about getting the right power tool the first time. No upgrades, no add ons, just pure efficiency in all your projects.

How to use a trim nailer gun

When you’re working on a project, finishing it with nails is the final step towards success. But nailing it in can be so monotonous, and there is room for error. Shaky hands? Expect for your hands to be hit a few times. And even if you’re precise, the finish just doesn’t look straight. As humans, …

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Best Brad Nailer

Your Best Brad Nailer in 2020

You’ve been preparing for this hot date with Brad for a while. You’ve dressed appropriately, got enough cash for the day, and you can’t wait for Brad to show his stuff. Wait, we’re not talking about a person. We’re talking about a brad nailer. When you have a finishing project that you need to be …

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