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Hi there!

We’re a small team of eco-conscious, digital content writers that are passionate about sustainable living and being eco-friendly in general that are dedicated to do our small part in making the world’s future brighter and greener. Our enthusiasm about this topic led us to create this website. Our goal is to share useful eco-product information with likeminded people and build up a community to further educate folks who care and want to be better global citizens!

We’re always on the lookout for all sorts of information related to sustainable living, news, reviews, brands and eco best-practices from all over the internet. Specifically, practical tips and insights that empower people to start making some eco-aware choices and changes in their lives for the better right now. There is also a lot of unreliable information so we try give people a peek behind the curtains and really distil things down to credible facts and information only (be they good, bad or even ugly). Ethics and trustworthiness are principles we will never compromise on, ever!

Right now we are focused more on brands and products that people would find value in on their eco journey – we will even try to secure exclusive discounts in some cases with the brand on your behalf so you can save some of your cash – but plan to release a lot more varied content topics from food, to fashion, to cleaning or home decoration and design. You name it and we’ll probably cover it so stay tuned!

We’re here anytime so feel free to get in touch to just say hello or if you want to share any feedback, opinions or even topics and brands you would like us to write about then we’d be more than happy to hear from you!

We know it sounds terribly cliché, but together, with little steps we can all start doing right now, we really can make a difference.

Yours truly,

The eco-portal team.

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